Because You Know I Love Me Some Memes

With the exodus of dating diary, there is a void to be filled on the Flying Pants Friday edition.  Since I pretty much love memes and can speak fluently in meme, I figured I'd share some fun memes that I have run across this week.  If you have a meme theme you'd like me to feature, please contact me via social media or comment below.  This week's theme?  You know it has to be Being Single.

Note:  I have not personally created any of these memes and give full credit to whoever did.
I'm not just single, I'm extra single.

But then again, single's not so bad.

Fastest way to No-Ville?  Grammatical errors.

An oldie but a goodie.

If only I'd known..... :)

Because I'm only awkward sometimes.

Inside joke:  Shirtless Wonder

Yeah baby.

If I hear this person complain about being single one more time.....

Have an amazing weekend, whether you're single or not.


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