Friday Dating Diary - Final Entry

Well, it's been a month.

It's been quite a 30 days on Dating Diary.  It's been very much like the past, where this post writes itself with the weirdness of humanity and scammers are busted WIDE open.

I'm really and truly done this time, though.  I see how approaching this with the idea that no one can really meet someone online is probably a self-fulfilling prophecy (and I thought I would never use my college psychology class!!).  I also see how I am compromising on some of my beliefs and I just can't reconcile that to having a popular blog post.

I also have been sitting under a message series at my church (the Church of Eleven22) about a book and a character in the Bible, Ruth.  The story is basically this:  Ruth's extended family left their home because it looked like life would be easier in a place called Moab, even though Moab was, like, the hot bed of Bible times weirdness and drama (think child sacrifice).  But there would be food there, so they cut out of God's place for them and went to Moab. It went way south from there and eventually Ruth and her mother in law ended back in Israel, and THEN GOD used this whole story in the scarlet thread of redemption that is woven throughout the Bible. #extracool

FOR ME, PERSONALLY:  I don't want to do what seems easier to be in a relationship that is clearly not going to be one that follows what I believe.  For me, finding a Christian guy that not only responds to me and actually believes what the Bible teaches and ACTS LIKE IT is much harder than it would seem.  (Note:  I have several male friends on dating sites that are godly guys.  But dating these guys, who are my amazing friends, would be like kissing my brother. #eek)

So I'm cutting out of this online dating thing.  I actually have a really full schedule and I am part of a church plant that is very exciting (Anthem Church) and will probably be taking up a LOT of my time. Will I ever meet someone with whom I want to be in a relationship? I don't know.

Do I struggle with singleness?  Oh yes.  Do I think that God is big enough to know what I best need? Yes.

To leave you with, my amazing friend Ron (his actual name) sent me this meme.  And it couldn't be more perfect for today.  So thanks, readers.  You all are the best.


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