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Friday Dating Diary

It's just a really good thing that I started this whole dating diary to show how hard it is to meet someone online, because this week has been CRAZY.

It had been kind of quiet on the online dating scene.  Strawberry Sue, my lifelong friend who is also on the same dating website, sent me a few screen shots of men that had come through her feed and she didn't care for them for various reasons.  (More on this later.)  One kind of caught my eye and I checked out his profile.  I was like, dang, I'd date him.  So I asked Strawberry if she minded if I contacted him.  She was down with that, so I sent a short message to him.

He almost immediately responded and after a few texts, he wanted to meet.  I agreed to meet him around my schedule that day.  At the meet, he was charming and talkative and complimentary and I thought to myself, "Strawberry is going to kick herself for not contacting him!"  He's so dreamy, goes to church, and we even had a conversation about things that only a godly guy would know about.

I was walking on cloud nine and could barely sleep that night.  We texted that morning and later that day.  While texting, somehow we get on the topic of whether or not you will know people in heaven.  He said no.  I had been part of a whole bible study on this two days ago, so I felt pretty confident that I knew my stuff and could make a point.

OH NO.  Not only was I wrong on every point, but according to him I was prideful and adding to the Bible (something you're really NOT supposed to do).  And I was wrong and spewing hatred and wow, he's so glad he saw this side of me now and not later.

WHUT WHUUUUUTTTT? If you know anything about me personally, you know I don't walk around spewing hatred and that I really do love the Bible and try to live by it.  So basically after reading text after text of how wrong I am, that was pretty much the end of it.  Dang.  I thought I was in the clear because I had met a godly guy.  Oh nooooooooooo.  So now I have to meet a godly guy AND  I have to make sure he is not over-the-top controlling and a know it all?  Yikes.

Our friend Strawberry Sue had an interesting week too.  She met a doctor who seems to have a slight Tourette's thing going on, but super nice and a believer.  And then she has a meet and greet with a bottle of chardonnay, the beach, and Bachelor #2.  But she has also yet to find a guy that would pan out after even one date. (BTW:  Chardonnay got rained out.  So Strawberry is still looking too.)

Let me again hit on the shallow nature of the swipe.  A common practice of dating websites is to show you a number of pictures that you, in one fell swoop, judge an entire person based on his picture alone.  So for me, here's what gets put in the NO pile: polo shirts; someone that looks old for his age; anyone with weird facial hair (fu manchu beard, obvious nose hairs, huge unruly beards); anyone whose screen name includes the words cuddle  or  snuggle; or a screen name that is descriptive of any body part, or pics of a group -- dude, I have no idea which one is you.  Questionable pics are those taken with a cell phone in front of a mirror, pics taken at the gym, pics of your buff bod shirtless, pics taken in your dirty, undecorated bedroom, and people that don't smile.  Yes pictures are pictures of a smiling face, pictures with a dog or kids, pictures that show a normal hobby, and pictures of a guy in an interesting foreign place.

So after the incredible disappointment of Godly Guy, I jumped back into the fray.  Of course, there are likes from Michigan and New York (no), and I briefly message with a guy from St. Augustine,  who has a tween daughter.  And then there's Too Good To Be True, who approaches me, and I respond.  We have been texting for a few days and we finally had a conversation of substance just last night.  So stay tuned on that, because he is a believer and really good-looking.

Oh, gentle readers.  This is exhausting some days.  Were it not for you, my Flying Pants village, I would not be doing this.  But as Strawberry Sue said this last week, dating is like the lottery:  if you don't get in the game, you can't win.  So best wishes to all you online daters and I hope this week is the one that brings you the person of your dreams.

P.S.  A friend of mine, slightly younger than me, got engaged last night.  So it does happen.  :)

Get out there and date!  I've got your back.

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