There Is Really No Way to Title This

I have a dog.  She's twelve pounds of white fluff that thinks she's ten foot tall and bulletproof, by the way she barks at other dogs, especially ones that are four times her size.  She gets walked in our condo development a few times a day, and once usually at night before we call it a day.

One night not too long ago the dog and I were walking and I noticed that I could see someone's TV through a second floor window.  It just so happened that this TV watcher was watching the same thing I had just left to walk the dog, and while the dog sniffed whatever it is that dogs sniff, I watched the good part where the two people realized they were in love and have this magical kiss and live happily ever after.

And then I realized I was watching TV in someone else's house from about 100 feet away (it was that big a TV).  And that it was weird, and that I need to walk on.

But then I got to thinking.  How different is that from social media?  We watch and see what people want us to see and we think, how magical and wonderful and isn't their life great.  We never see the morning when they get up and can't stand to go to work another day in a job they hate, or wake up knowing that their loved one is gone forever, or wake up and wonder how they can function on two hours of sleep that day.

I think what we lack as a society is the willingness to be real.  To share the hurt, to appropriately share the shame, to give to a friendship what it really needs - realness.  The barriers to being and having a true friend starts with the unwillingness to share what is really in your heart.  Maybe it's not the right time, maybe it's too shameful (in your mind), maybe you shared once and got burned and decided to never do anything like that again.

But here's the thing -- there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and his name is Jesus.  He already knows the thing you want to hide.  He designed you and made you before you were ever even thought of and he already lived and sacrificially died knowing what you did the last time you "screwed up."  And what you'll do today, tomorrow, and next week and next year.

God created us to glorify him.  So that's all we have to do.  Don't get caught up in what you think people think you should do or what some TV evangelist wants you to send money to support.  Whatever you do today, do it to glorify God.  Do it so that Jesus knows you're thinking about his sacrifice.

If you are a waitress, be the happiest and most efficient waitress you can be.  If you are a stay at home mom, love those kids and point them to Jesus and express their value with everything you do, even if they have to be corrected.  If you are a bank VP, be ethical and honest and love Jesus.  If you change tires for a living, be the best at what you do because you want to glorify God.

And then....Facebook that.  Instagram that.  Tweet that.  I think a culture that lives to glorify God and then makes much of that (in social media) can change a generation.

It just takes you.


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