Good Advice for Life and Hurricanes

In this area of the world, we are watching and waiting to see what Hurricane Irma is going to do.

TV Weather is using words like, "epic," "catastrophic," "historic," and "potentially life threatening" to describe this storm.  And, granted, a category 5 hurricane is something to be concerned about.

Here's the good thing about hurricanes:  you see them coming for days.

Here's the bad thing about hurricanes:  you see them coming for days.

So, in the days prior to Irma making landfall in the U.S., here's a few pieces of advice from a seasoned hurricane participant:

1. Think and don't panic.
Think about what you need to do and do it now, in an orderly manner.

2.  Be nice.
It's easy to be knee-jerk reaction ugly.  Take the high road and be nice to people and smile.

3.  Look for ways to help.
If you see someone you can help, DO IT.  Don't wait to be asked, jump in and ask if you can help and be a force for good.

4.  Pray.
Even if you don't normally pray, or even believe in a higher power, pray anyway.  If you are a believer in the resurrected life of Jesus Christ, super pray!

5.  Enjoy.
Look for ways to be thankful in the midst of circumstances you didn't choose.  For example, the good thing about power being out is that you GET to slow down and enjoy your friends and family.

I'm praying for you.  Be safe.


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