So today I was able to talk about my mom without completely busting out in tears.  I kind of felt it welling up, but was able to keep it composed.

a week later...
I'm tired. 
I wake up every two hours at night this last week. 
I'm constantly on edge. 
I am an even bigger perfectionist than usual. 
And I'm trying to filter this all out so that I am not unkind to the amazing people around me.  And that is exhausting. 

And then things are okay and life is good.  But all it takes is a song or a memory or thinking too hard and I am trying not to be that weird girl that cries at work. 

I love all my friends that say call me anytime and let me know how I can help.  I really do love them.  But sometimes I just don't think to do it.  I have done it a couple of times, though. 

If you really want to help someone who is grieving, call them on your own.  Text them on your own.  I bet they really would want to talk or text if someone contacted them first.

I'm learning so much about grief and how to help people who are grieving. And one day I'll be really good at it.

thanks for reading.  love you guys.


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