Legacy Day

March 1st...  this is the day where I would have normally lavished gifts and flowers and meals out on my mom, because this is kind of her birthday.  She's really a leap year baby (Feb. 29), but we've always celebrated March 1.

So, in order to not make this Gloom and Doom Day, I have instead decided that this is going to be a family holiday (I may have just made that up) called Legacy Day.  Hopefully every year on out we will celebrate today and recall the awesome legacy that my parents left for us.

Edit:  I probably ought to say that my parents worked hard, loved Jesus, loved each other, loved our family, and were some of the most hospitable people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

So how do I carry on their legacy?  do what they did.  Love people even when it's inconvenient.  Serve even when it's not about me.  (I know, shock and awe.)  Seek out Jesus and spend that quiet and still time so I can think about my life and God.  But what an awesome legacy to live out!

a week later...
So now my mom's and my dad's birthdays have come and gone.  Now that I don't have any upcoming calendar reminders that remind me that I no longer have a mom and dad who I can just call and say "hey" to, I feel a sense of relief, kind of like I get a break.  That may sound terrible, but the last three months have been pretty hard core emotionally:

My mom passed on Christmas Eve.
Christmas season.
Brand new grief in January.
February-- Valentine's Day was always a big holiday for my mom and of course, Singles Awareness Day
March is Mom and Dad's birthdays.

So I am ready for a period with no holidays and no ties to how much I miss my mom and dad.

I did have a sweet reminder of my mom yesterday.  I made a trip to Aldi, my new favorite supermarket.  You take your own bags there.  So I just grabbed one out of my trunk and took it in, filling it with groceries I needed.  I unloaded them all from the bag and onto the conveyor belt to the cashier.  As I reached in my hand, I felt something hard and I pulled it out.  It was a seashell, undoubtedly one that my mom put in this bag from one of her many trips to the beach.  For me, it was like my mom saying, Hey, I'm still here with you all the time, just in your heart.

I tried not to burst into ugly cry mode.

So it seems like things are better this week.  Of course, just as an aside, I have one more wedding to go to.  It's my namesake niece, so I am thrilled to go, just like I have been thrilled to go to the last two weddings I've been to in the last 4 weeks.  But I am just about maxed out on wedding-cute coupleness.


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