Wild Blue Yonder

When’s the last time you went to the airport?

Regardless of the last time you were there, no doubt you can imagine all the people coming and going. If you’ve ever watched those waiting for a passenger, they wait longingly and look in and through the crowd for a shape they recognize.

Maybe it’s a best friend.
Maybe it’s a child.
Maybe it’s a loved one.

You know what I’ve never seen? I’ve never seen someone waiting run up and hug the wrong person. Every person waiting knows exactly what their person looks like from afar. The shape of their body, the rhythm of their walk, how they wear their clothes. And people waiting never mistake a stranger for their loved one.

I spent a lot of theoretical waiting time at a theoretical airport. I met a lot of men. I pursued some men and let a few pursue me. I made some classic errors and some men that started out as great turned out to have critical flaws.

But then one day...

I got a friend request from a man. I saw that we had several friends in common that I like and respect, so I said yes. But that was not the last time I said yes. After our first hours-long phone call, I wanted to think that this was truly the man for me. But with my track record, I kept that close to my heart. It wasn’t until after Louis told me what I my heart and mind already believed that I told him I felt the same way. After hours of conversation and days of consideration, I said yes, I will.

I don’t expect people to understand what it’s like to meet someone and know right away that he is the one. I don’t think it happens often. I’ve told people that I have kissed enough frogs to know a prince when I see one. But I think it’s also like greeting someone at the airport — I kept looking past every other guy that was not the one. But when I saw Louis, I knew he was the one. Not only his walk, but his walk with God. Not only his looks, but how he looks after my heart. We are pretty much the same person with a lot of the same insecurities and weaknesses, but that helps us have grace for each other because we understand where we’re coming from.

But we also have a lot of the same strengths, and we are determined to seek God in our marriage and make people look at our marriage and want to get married and bask in this thing God designed called marriage.

So we are enjoying this honeymoon/newlywed phase of marriage and look forward to learning and growing together. I’m sure there will be some course correction along the way. I’ll share the cool things we learn, and I’ll tell you how amazing Louis is. So join with us and pray for us as we take off into the wild blue yonder.


  1. Because I too, just knew it when I saw it, I do believe in love at first (sight, text, phone call, whatever). I'm so happy you found your prince! I look forward to hearing all about him and your marriage in future blog posts. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

    1. Thank you very much! He is very amazing, and really made just for me. I can't wait to share more in the days to come. :)


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